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  • Do you dream of owning a home but dread the thought of being trapped in the car, spending endless hours, driving all over town with a real estate agent? Uncertain (or scared to death) of the mortgage process? Fear no more! We'll make it EASY!

  • Are you looking for an affordable alternative that will give you LOW PAYMENTS with Easy Owner Financing AND a home that is completely paid for in 5 - 15 years?  We have a nice selection of spacious mobile homes on acreage and in parks throughout the United States.  This is your most cost effective way to get more home for your money.  Imagine NO MORTGAGE payment in just a few years!

  • Looking for a home that you can move into today and buy later? Check out our LeasePurchase properties.

  • Are you losing your home to foreclosure and want to buy another home before the auction?  Do self-employment or credit problems make it difficult to get a mortgage?  No green card? WE CAN HELP!  See our homes available with NO Bank Qualifying or Easy Owner Financing!

  • Looking for a great rental at below market rates? Tired of throwing your money away? We've got the perfect solution for you!

EasyHomeSource is a nationwide network of real estate professionals (not real estate agent) who specialize in one thing: putting good folks into good homes without the normal hassle, expense, and delays that people normally go through.

We have a list of good solid homes, in great neighborhoods all over the country that are available right now. We offer FOUR EASY ways to get you into your dream home.


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Easy House Buyer - If you've ever bought a home, you know the process was anything but easy. But that's not the way it is with Easy Home Source. We take all the hassles out of buying a home. Just pick one of our homes and we'll help you through the entire home buying process. We work with experienced mortgage companies who can help you get financing and explore special programs to reduce your out of pocket expense. Many times buying a home with a new loan is much cheaper than renting a home plus you have the tax advantages that go with home ownership. Ask about our "Buy Back Program" for TOTAL peace of mind.

Recent Home Purchase: $90,000 house. Buyer paid a total of $1200 at closing and their monthly payments are $678 including taxes and insurance. Where can you rent a $90,000 house for $678 a month?

"You made me feel at ease with a decision of relocation of my family and answered all questions I had. You even suggested ways to help insure a smooth transition into our new home. Thanks!"

Kimberly - Georgia


"I just love my mobile home!  I have much more room than I would
in an apartment and my total payments are only $750 per month!  My home
will be paid for in 5 years!"


EasyLeasePurchase - If you would like to buy a home but have a few credit issues that need to be cleared up, or you need more time on the job, before you can qualify for a loan then Easy Lease Purchase is just right for you. Maybe you just want to check out a neighborhood before you make the commitment to buy. You can even lock in today's prices to start building equity immediately. With our Easy Lease Purchase program you can pick out a house today and move in tomorrow.

Typical Lease Purchase: $150,000 house, You pay just $5,000 option to lock in today's price even though you will not be buying for two years. Lease for just $1650 a month. With a larger option fee, your monthly payments would be less.

"You make it so easy to become a home owner with the great lease option program you have…we were very pleased with the way you treated us and were there for us through all the paperwork up to closing."

Debi Schiller - California

EasyOwnerFinance - Do you dream of owning a home but the bank says "no?" Maybe you are self-employed or like millions of Americans, you've had a credit problem or two, a foreclosure, or even a bankruptcy. Don't give up! Easy Owner Finance is just right for you. With a small down payment, many of our homes are available with owner financing.
The best part is you don't need to go through a bank or mortgage company to get financed.  Even if you are facing a foreclosure on the home you live in now or if you are in bankruptcy - we can help you buy another home this week!  We make it EASY - and with no loan fees, no bank qualifying and no hassles!

Typical Owner Finance: $150,000 house. Buyer puts down $5,000. There are no loan fees and
no closing costs   Monthly payments are $1500 including taxes and insurance.

" My family is very thankful for you giving us our wonderful home, and giving us a chance to call something ours. You have truly blessed us."

Angeline Johnson- Atlanta

EasyHomeRenter - Start getting a better deal today! Rent for 5% - 10% less than the other identical properties. What's the catch? You agree to take care of some of the maintenance on the property and you agree to always make your payment on time. It's that easy! You help us and we'll help you save money. Build "equity" credits for a future purchase of any of our homes at EasyHouseBuyer. Stop throwing your rent money away.

Recent Rental: Duplex next door rented for $750 two months ago. Our exact same unit was only $695. A $55 monthly savings!

" I am saving a lot of money and building equity too - thanks for making it easy."

Doris - Texas

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